Pipe Location
We use high performance pipe and cable locators for all routine locating. These high performance locators each have a receiver and a transmitter. The receiver detects electromagnetic signals emitted from pipes. These signals can be naturally occurring 60-Hz electrical noise and low frequency radio waves or these signals can be placed on the pipes by the transmitter.

There are several different ways we can place a signal onto a pipe. The best way is to connect the transmitter directly to the pipe. If a direct connection is not available, a signal can be induced onto a pipe using a clamp that encircles the pipe or a coil lying above the pipe. These locators detect metal pipes and cables that are either welded, soldered or threaded together.
Rigid NaviTrack
- State of the Art Pipe Locator equipment is used.
This information is valuable in the excavation and repair process as it eliminates any "guess work" towards resolving the problem.

- Locates a wide range of subterranean sewers, pipes & cables.
- Prevents damaging existing underground services.
- Avoids exploritory methods and is completely trenchless.
Pipe Location


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