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•Complete Drain Cleaning Specialists
•Certified Tankless Water Heater Installation & Repair
•PEX Certified
•Certified Polyethylene Pipe Installation & Repair
•Certified TRAK Gas Pipe Installation & Repair
•Radio and RCCTV

We Proudly offer the follow Services & Technologies:

Hydro Jetting
Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting uses high pressure water to remove contaminants. SoCal Plumbing uses this high pressure technology to clean and unclog any size piping that is at your residence, commercial, or industrial building. The high pressure water is effective at clearing any drain blockage and cleaning the inside of the drain pipes at the same time. Read More...

Pipe Lining - Perma-Liner
Pipe Liner - Perma-Liner
Cured - In - Place Pipe Lining
- Trenchless, less work and less cost!
- We are professional installers of CIPP pipe lining systems for 20+ years
- Our experience makes a difference.
- Quality Workmanship Guaranteed!

Pipe Bursting
Pipe Bursting
Pipe Bursting is the ideal technique to use for the rehabilitation and replacement of utility lines such as gas, water, sewer, telephone, and power.
Socal Plumbing Service Video Inspection
CCTV Tractor Video Inspection

State of the Art Camera Inspections
CCTV Tractor Video Camera's
Our advanced equipment allows us to give you the answer to your problem.
CCTV Drain Camera Inspections main line color pipeline inspection systems offer a complete


Pipe Location
Rigid See Snake
Radio Pipe Location
This information is valuable in the excavation and repair process as it eliminates any "guess work" towards resolving the problem.
Cleanout Installation and Repair
The picture to the left shows a 2 way clean-out which is the ideal way of installing a clean-out to keep a plumber's dirty equipment out of your home or office. Clean out installations are needed to have access to properly maintaining a clean drain. Most homes should have one. Many homes do but either not large enough or limited access.
Cleanout Installation and Repair
The least expensive way to remove roots. Avoid costly repairs and maintain your drains free of root intrusion by cutting roots out with high pressure jetting.
Cleanout Installation and Repair
The picture to the left shows a pipe with what's called cavities and the pipe after replacement. Cavities are caused by drains not being maintained properly.
Materials or chemicals sit in the drain and cause sludge build up which eats the bottom of the pipe. This will force you to have the pipe replaced or repaired, instead of regular preventive cleaning which gives the pipe a longer life span.

SoCal Plumbing Service in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California. Our team of specialists provides a full range of services to meet the most demanding Residential, Commercial, and Municipal requirements. Let our trained and certified technicians show you the technology, equipment and the expertise to quickly solve your drain problems.

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